Murali's Adults Day Care Center

Today, circumstances has change for the old age people as families are leading a neutral life due to working culture, gradually diminishing the traditional joint family structure. Moreover, tight work schedules have become concern for the children towards their parents/elders as timely food, medicines and care is required.

Day Care Center is the best solution for elderly people that caters their needs of your parents. All you need is to leave your parents at our center before going to office and you can pickup them up at the end of the day.

Services Offered

  • 1. A unique environment is created for elderly people which has highly caring staff. eminent doctors are available. nurses to provide them with on-time medication and our emotionally.
  • 2. Day care center provides personalized care and different people according to their needs.
  • 3. Well setup infrastructure and with hygienic environment.
  • 4. Provide a fun-filled and recreational activities.
  • 5. Extra attention for adults who have chronic conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease. dementia and hallucination .
  • 6. Rehabilitation support. physical therapists (on-request) and health promotional awareness.
  • 7. Support for vulnerable elderly people with complex needs living in the community.
  • 8. Stock of library books. magazines and newspapers.
  • 9. As a special call/request, we can take "Special Children".